Service to Community Award for Radio Ownership

The Power of Radio: Giving a Voice to Silent Victims

Summit Media

When it was brought to Summit Media's attention that since the start of Hawaii's stay-at-home order last year domestic violence had continued to rise, this media group knew they had to do something to bring attention to this issue and provide resources for those affected. With the help of the Domestic Violence Action Center (DVAC), Summit Media launched a comprehensive campaign across all four stations' channels and social media platforms to provide critical outreach, support resources and spread awareness about DVAC's services, including new text and web chat services for those who were trapped at home. With 10 hours of dedicated airtime, this campaign raised awareness about this heightened issue and informed the public of the resource and services available to anyone in need.

Devoted Airtime

10 hours

Funds Raised or Value of Goods Donated







Bonneville International Hearst Television  

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