Service to Community Award for Television Ownership

The Rebound

The E.W. Scripps Company

In an effort to help guide communities through the COVID-19 crisis, Scripps Local Media launched “The Rebound.” This initiative provided resources to help Americans get back to work and make ends meet. Over nine months, all 61 television stations highlighted creative ways businesses stayed open and showed how communities rallied around them week after week. From the investigative teams helping people across the country get unemployment benefits to the education experts helping students get back to school safely, the Scripps Local Media team helped people manage the pressure and anxiety with advice and resources. Every day for nearly a year, this group told stories that impacted our communities and gave people hope with the help of medical experts, data analysts and more than 100 town halls and specials.

Devoted Airtime

250 hours






Bonneville International Hearst Television  

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